First-time homebuyer? Here’s what to expect

This is typically how your home buying process will flow. There will be hiccups along the way and you will feel anxious and uncertain at times. Buying a house, whether it’s your first home or your seventh, is a huge commitment. It’s also usually one you make relatively quickly. Any rational person will wonder at […]

PCSing to Colorado Springs – Where to live?

Are you moving with the military to Colorado Springs? (Click here for my offers for relocating military) Odds are you know people here already and they can probably give you some pretty good pointers on where to live – where to find the best schools in Colorado Springs, the most walkable neighborhoods, midcentury modern homes, […]

The Basics of Getting a Commercial Lease in Colorado Springs

Whether you have a new, growing or just changing business, finding the right commercial space and negotiating good lease is essential to your long-term success. Even if you have done it before, this could be a good refresher guide for what to expect when you set out to find a new home for your business. […]

Where Are The Best Schools In Colorado Springs?

We are fortunate in Colorado Springs to have excellent schools. Nearly all of our public school districts claim high-ranking and often award-winning schools on Beyond relying on sites like, which use several objective criteria to grade education institutions, identifying the best schools in Colorado Springs is a tricky business. The real reason it’s […]

Colorado Springs Neighborhoods With Pikes Peak Views

Colorado Springs has the most beautiful setting of any city in the country and probably even the world. Facing west, Pikes Peak looks like a mother with her arms reaching out to wrap the community in a warm hug. Whether you’re moving here from the flatlands or you have lived here all your life, there’s […]

Colorado Springs Housing Market Is Hot

The median home price in Colorado Springs rose to a record high in March. But that’s not even the most exciting news about our local housing market. We haven’t had this few homes on the market since 2003. That’s right, it has been 12 years since our inventory levels were this low. By itself, that’s […]

Horse Property In Briargate

This one-of-a-kind home sold for full asking price, $450,000, in June. It’s a well-maintained and beautiful ranch home on 2.5 acres of horse property right in the middle of the Birargate area of Colorado Springs. It has a rural and remote feel while being biking distance from the Chapel Hills Mall and a five minute drive […]

Where To Find Colorado Springs Homes With Land

This is the West. It’s supposed to be the land of wide-open spaces and land-a-plenty. So, why are all the houses so close together? Fortunately, there are some great areas in and around Colorado Springs where you can find homes on acreage. Whether you just want a little breathing room around your house for privacy […]

Winter Is A Fine Time To Buy Or Sell Real Estate – Really

I’m a Realtor. Of course I’m going to say any time is a good time to buy or sell. But I really think this winter has some positive market trends for both buyers and sellers so far – in both residential and commercial real estate. There isn’t a ton out there There aren’t a lot […]

Good Time To Buy In Downtown Colorado Springs

Recent headlines are screaming that this is the time to buy property in and around downtown Colorado Springs, especially in the Memorial Park area. This is the time – right now – when the future is coming into focus but before the transformation has started. Skeptics will sit on the sidelines until there’s more certainty. […]