Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate

The Colorado Springs commercial real estate market is at the heart of our local economy and culture.

After writing about the Colorado Springs commercial real estate market for the Business Journal, I realized that commercial brokers in this town have the ability to make real and significant impacts on the community. I want to be involved with bringing new businesses to town, helping existing local companies grow and in developing new cultural centers that make our community stronger and more vibrant. That’s why I have chosen to pursue commercial real estate in Colorado Springs.


Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate | Amanda Miller Luciano

Colorado Springs commercial real estate broker

I think creatively about commercial real estate opportunities and have a lot of valuable connections and relationships with community leaders and business people. Having lived outside of the city, all over the world, I also have a big picture perspective on our commercial real estate market as well as some national connections that can help make magical ideas into realities.

After working as a journalist for more than a decade, I’m never afraid to pick up the phone and call someone I’ve never met before about an opportunity that could benefit them, my clients and my community.


Need to find space for your Colorado Springs business?

I relish the opportunity to help business owners find the perfect space for their growth. I have a knack for listening to and understanding business needs. And I have the creativity, passion and tools I need to find what you want in a new home for your Colorado Springs business.


Professional marketing for Colorado Springs commercial real estate offerings

If you have a vacant commercial space in Colorado Springs, I want to help you fill it. I will creatively and aggressively market your property.