Colorado Springs Neighborhoods With Pikes Peak Views

Colorado Springs has the most beautiful setting of any city in the country and probably even the world.
Facing west, Pikes Peak looks like a mother with her arms reaching out to wrap the community in a warm hug. Whether you’re moving here from the flatlands or you have lived here all your life, there’s something magical about looking at Pikes Peak daily and being able to monitor the changing moods of our city’s mountain. The best is if you can do it in your pajamas with a cup of java in your hands. So, where are the Colorado Springs neighborhoods with Pikes Peak views?

You can find a Pikes Peak view most places

While you’ll learn in this post that there are some neighborhoods with distinct advantages when it comes to great Pikes Peak views, you can find that stunning life-affirming view in most parts of the city – especially because not everyone wants the same view. There are houses in every neighborhood that can offer something special through the back picture window.

Neighborhoods with the best Pikes Peak views

If you’re heart is set on staring at America’s Mountain in the mornings, here are a few of the neighborhoods where you’re most likely to find the best vantage points. Not all houses in these neighborhoods will have Pikes Peak views, but many do and many have really beautiful vistas.

• Pikes Peak views from Garden of the Gods Club neighborhoods

This is an exclusive country club community originally established by the Hill family from Texas. While homes start in the $500,000 range and stretch well into the millions, there are no better views in Colorado Springs than in the Garden of the Gods Club communities, which include the new Cathedral Ridge and Kissing Camels.

A new developer bought the property 2007 and started building in its Cathedral Ridge neighborhood in 2011. The homes there boast magnificent views of Garden of the Gods in the foreground with Pikes Peak in the background. The only place in the country I’ve seen that could rival these views for a private residence is the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club neighborhood with Teton views and much steeper price tags.

• Pikes Peak views from the Pleasant Valley neighborhood and West Side

Not far from the Garden of the Gods Club, there is a lovely neighborhood of homes built in the 1950s and ‘60s called Pleasant Valley, which is about how it sounds. Most of the homes are smaller and unassuming, but some are large and stylistic mid-century modern gems. Some on the west side of 31st Street have Pikes Peak views and easy access to walk into the Garden of the Gods.

But most of the Pleasant Valley homes with the best Pikes Peak views are on the east side of 30th Street on Panorama, Pioneer and Crown Ridge. Farther east, homes climb up a hill into neighborhoods bearing different names, but commonly referred to as the West Side. Many of the homes on Friendship Lane, Crescent Street, Mesa and others boast great Pikes Peak views. Houses range in price from the mid $300,000s to more than $600,000, with most falling in the high $300,000 to mid $400,000 range.

• Pikes Peak views from the Crystal Hills neighborhood

The Crystal Hills neighborhood is technically in Manitou Springs. The neighborhood of custom homes mostly built between the 1960s and the 1980s boasts some of the most breathtaking Pikes Peak views in the city. Homes range from the high $300,000s to more than $500,000.

• Pikes Peak views from Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a pretty magical place. From many of these homes, perched on hilltops and accessed with winding narrow roads, you can not only enjoy Pikes Peak views, you can also build a deep and meaningful relationship with America’s Mountain. With the bold peak so close it seems you could lick the snow off the top from your deck, Manitou Springs is one of the only places in town where you can both look at and climb Pikes Peak without getting in the car. Homes are usually small and funky and start at about $300,000, climbing as dramatically as the Incline from there.

• Pikes Peak Views from Briargate

There are several parts of Briargate where you can find homes with Pikes Peak views. Every house is different. But a home on a hill is likely to have views from at least one or two windows. Those with really great views will have some space around them. They might back up to a park or a road.

Homes in the Columbine Estates neighborhood, and sometimes in the Falcon Estates neighborhood, have the best Pikes Peak views in Briargate. The homes sit on 2.5- and 1-acre lots respectively. So, the neighbor’s house is much less likely to stand between you and a great Pikes Peak view. Of course, these homes don’t come on the market often and they tend to sell quickly when they do. Prices range from the mid $300,000s to more than $700,000, with most coming in over $500,000.

• Pikes Peak views from the Powers Corridor

A Monet is meant to be viewed from a distance, and there’s something to be said for taking a few steps back from the Front Range to get good views as well. There are many homes along the Powers Corridor in neighborhoods from Cordera and Wolf Ranch to Stetson Hills, Banning Lewis Ranch and Cimarron Hills, where you can get great Pikes Peak views. While these homes tend to be clustered together so they can block each other’s views a bit, views are easier to find at this distance even without living on top of a hill. The best part is that homes tend to be more affordable. From the south end of Powers to the north prices can range from the mid $200,000s to more than $500,000.

Colorado Springs neighborhoods with views

As I said in the beginning, you can find a home with a good Pikes Peak view in most Colorado Springs neighborhoods. And if you don’t fancy a mountain view, there are plenty of great neighborhoods with city views and forest views (to be addressed in later blog posts). My best advise – if you’re looking for a home with beautiful Pikes Peak views, call me. I’d love to help you find one.
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