Colorado Springs Realtor specializing in commercial and residential properties

I grew up in Colorado Springs and couldn’t wait to get out of dodge. I’ll never forget sitting on my parent’s deck my senior year of high school, looking out at Pikes Peak on one of those perfect 75-degree days. My dad said, “Amanda, I’ve been all over and I’m telling you – Colorado Springs is the best place in the world to live.”

I told him I needed to learn that on my own. It took me a few years away living in Indiana, New York City, Alaska, London, Glenwood Springs, Jackson Hole and Denver, but I see what he meant now and have to agree.

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city. It’s just big enough to have everything I need, but still small enough to be able to make a difference and become genuinely involved in the community.

Residential and commercial Realtor in Colorado Springs

How I became a Colorado Springs Realtor

I was a journalist for various community newspapers, including the Colorado Springs Business Journal. I covered residential and commercial real estate in Colorado Springs. I regularly interacted with entrepreneurs who inspired me to leave the journal to start my own business. After a successful, but unfulfilling stint as a freelance writer, I turned to my real estate passion.

Real estate might sound like a funny thing to be passionate about to some. But I believe it’s at the heart of our community. Having decided to make Colorado Springs my home, building and strengthening this community is something I care about deeply. In commercial real estate, I have an opportunity to develop our economy by helping local businesses grow and advance both when representing tenants and buyers, and when representing owners and sellers. In residential real estate, I’m helping amazing people and families plant roots here.

I’ve always been intensely interested in real estate, and becoming a Colorado Springs Realtor has given me the opportunity to get really involved in something I used to just write about. I have successfully helped people have good experiences buying and selling their homes and making the real estate decisions that will make their businesses successful, which is something I take great pride in doing.

If you have any questions about residential and commercial real estate in Colorado Springs, please contact me.