Where To Find Colorado Springs Homes With Land

This is the West. It’s supposed to be the land of wide-open spaces and land-a-plenty. So, why are all the houses so close together?

Fortunately, there are some great areas in and around Colorado Springs where you can find homes on acreage. Whether you just want a little breathing room around your house for privacy or you want pasture lands for you horses and space for your hobby farm, there are plenty of places you could happily call home.

The best part is that land comes in all kinds of packages. If you want trees, you can have them. Prairie? There’s plenty. You want an affordable down-home lifestyle? We have that around here. Want a touch of luxury with beautiful views and top-end construction on big lots? We have that, too. You just need to know someone who knows where to look.

That’s me. I grew up in Colorado Springs with real estate-obsessed parents who wanted “acreage and pizza delivery.” Acreage was a far bigger priority than the pizza delivery. But it took years before they found a place that had both. In the meantime, I saw a lot of places with acreage.

Hidden gems with acreage in town

Colorado Springs was a cute little town until the 1980s. Even then, Academy Boulevard was the eastern boundary and the only reason to go north of Austin Bluff was the Air Force Academy. Everything outside of those boundaries was in the county.

As a result, we have several great neighborhoods that were designed for people who liked country living that have since been incorporated into the city and have lots of traditional suburban development all around them. You could drive past these neighborhoods every day without realizing it. Here are some of the Colorado Springs city neighborhoods that come with land:

• Falcon Estates

This neighborhood of mostly custom and semi-custom homes built between the 1950s and 1980s features one-acre lots on wells and septic systems. Situated between I-25 and just east of Academy Boulevard, these Academy District 20 houses typically sell between $300,000 and $500,000.

• Columbine Estates

This is my parents’ neighborhood. It’s where I grew up. On 2.5 acres, these custom homes were built between the 1950s and today. They run the gamut between old and tired and brand new and gleaming. Most have good Pikes Peak views. On the east and west sides of Union just north of Woodmen Rd., these horse properties definitely meet the acreage and pizza delivery criteria. Priced between $350,000 and $1 million, this is a pretty special District 20 neighborhood. Of course, I’m biased.

• Pulpit Rock

A treed and mountainous neighborhood just east of I-25 and south of Dublin, this is a true hidden gem. Most of these custom and semi-custom homes on one-acre lots were built in the 1970s and 1980s and offer plenty of privacy paired with views and accessibility. Prices in this D11 community typically range from $300,000 to $500,000.

• Pinon Mesa

This is a beautiful, private, mountainous neighborhood of mostly high-end custom homes on acre and larger lots. Just west of I-25 between Garden of the Gods Road and Rockrimmon Blvd., these D20 homes sell for $400,000 to more than $1 million.

• Vista Grande Estates and Park Vista Estates

These one-acre and larger lots in the triangle between Academy, Vickers and Austin Bluffs are right in the heart of the city. Built between the 1950s and today, these houses come in all shapes and sizes. The D11 homes are priced between $300,000 and more than $500,000.

• Woodmen Valley and Woodmen Mesa

West of I-25 and north of Woodmen Rd., these D20 mostly custom homes offer a sense of luxury and seclusion in the trees and rolling hills. Priced between $400,000 and $1 million.

• Oak Hills

These are stunning one- to two-acre lots featuring high-end custom homes perched on hills and hidden from neighbors in private forests. The D20 houses typically sell for $500,000 and more. Nearby Perigrine offers similar luxury with nearly one-acre lots large enough to accommodate the big houses situated on them.

• Spring Crest

These 2.5-acre lots at Old Ranch and Voyager used to be really far north of town. Now they’re across the street from the Discovery Canyon campus and down the road from all kinds of new high-end retail development. While luxury is building up all around them, these 1970s and 1980s homes are mostly humble homes with lots of space and room for animals. Priced $300,000 and above, the surrounding development will probably keep this area appreciating.

• Mesa Terrace

Want amazing Pikes Peak views? View of the city? These 2.5-acre lots along Mesa between Uintah and Fillmore feature custom homes mostly built in the 1960s and 1970s. Priced $450,000 and higher, they’re pretty special places.

• Las Piedras Estates

You’ll probably never be able to get a home in this neighborhood. There are only a dozen or so. But if I won the lottery, this is where I would settle. These are two-acre and larger lots nestled between popular Pleasant Valley and Garden of the Gods. Here, you can have space, views and amazing access. No wonder the best you can find is a fixer-upper for $500,000.

• Skyway

This is a really fun neighborhood and it’s your best chance of finding mid-century modern homes in Colorado Springs. It’s also a place where you can get custom homes built in the 1950s through 1970s on acre and larger lots surrounded by trees in School District 12. Homes are typically priced $400,000 and higher. You can get well over $1 million in this neighborhood.

• Crystal Park

This gated mountain subdivision above Manitou Sprigs is much more rugged than you’d expect for a gated community with a swimming pool. The lots are just under or around an acre and offer tremendous privacy in private forests with stunning mountain views. The homes in this Manitou District 14 community typically sell for $350,000 and more.

• Broadmoor area

All around the Broadmoor, you’ll find homes with land. That’s – in part – because big luxurious homes need space. You probably won’t find an acre or more in this District 12 community for much less than $1 million. But you will definitely have a sense of luxury.
Outside of town, there are plenty of other options for land.

Black Forest

If you want a private forest with acreage, you can get anywhere from one acre to 50 in Black Forest. While in District 20, these homes are secluded and it can be a hike to town. You’ll find comfortable family homes, old rustic cabins and big luxury mansions. There’s something for everyone. Prices range from $300,000 to $2 million and more.

Ute Pass and Woodland Park

This is mountain living. Head West on Highway 24. As you climb in elevation, you’ll find more and more homes on land. Mostly pretty rugged living, you can score an acre for just under $300,000, but the house is likely to need work.


If you want a rustic farm lifestyle and easy access to town amenities at an affordable price, don’t discount Fountain. There are a lot of great chunks of property all around Fountain with five to 20 acres. There is even new construction on 2.5-acre lots priced in the mid-$200,000 range.

To the north

North of Colorado Springs, you’ll find big open spaces in Kings Deer, around Monument and Palmer Lake and in Douglas County. These can be beautiful scenic areas with good access to hiking. Priced $400,000 and much higher, these homes are mostly in one of the highest per capita income counties in the country. They’re a good commuting distance from Denver or Colorado Springs.

Go East, Young Man

Want wide-open spaces without having to hold your wallet wide open? Calhan and farther east, you can snag five acres outfitted with a manufactured home for $150,000 or less. This is way out there now. But the city, which barely reached Powers when I graduated from high school in 1999, will probably stretch out that way eventually and you could have pizza delivery before you know it.

Let me help!

If you want some elbowroom, I’d love to help you in your house hunt. It’s something I understand and appreciate. It’s also something I enjoy searching and seeing. On top of that, I understand the water issues that go along with acreage and have the resources to solve complicated issues that can accompany buying not just a house, but property.
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