Moving with the military is not easy, mostly because it happens so frequently and it happens on someone else’s timeline.

As an experienced Colorado Spring Realtor, my mission is to make moving here with the military as painless as possible. I love helping members of the Armed services find and make their homes here.


Because I value the service you provide our country, I rebate 10% of my commission toward your closing costs. In order for this all to be legitimate, the lender has to be aware, which usually means the money has to be used within the transaction. That’s why it usually goes toward closing costs. If you don’t have closing costs (because we are able to get the seller to cover them), then we might still be able to find a way for you to use the money. It just requires working closely with the lender.


When you’re stationed across the country or even overseas, it’s not always possible to fly out for a frenzied house hunt. I take time to get to know you and to understand what you wan and need in a home. I have become very good at taking video during home tours for clients. I upload them to Youtube. I share with you what I experience, including smells and a sense of the surrounding area, so you have more information when decision time comes. Of course, it’s always best if you can see the houses and areas for yourself. But when that’s not possible, I work with you to make an informed decision you can live with happily.


Unfortunately, I do not have good resources to help find rental homes. However, I will provide a list of contacts for property management companies, which are the best resources for a rental housing hunt.

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