Don’t worry. I promise there are a few walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.

The city has a rather dismal walk score of 33 and even more horrific transit score of 15. That’s probably not surprising to those who already live here and know how spread out the city is.

The good news is that the few walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs are great places to live and most have fantastic architectural character.

As more and more people place value on walkability, the real estate in these walkable neighborhoods is likely to see higher than average appreciation.

Walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Walkable Neighborhoods Colorado Springs: Downtown

The walk score in downtown ranges from 75 to 90 in the areas between 8th Street on the west and El Paso Street on the east and between Dale Street on the north and Las Animas Street on the south.

There isn’t a lot of residential development in the core of downtown Colorado Springs, something that a handful of active folks are working to remedy. But the homes and condos that are downtown are amazing.

The options range from modern luxury lofts perched above some of the city’s greatest restaurants to storied Victorian homes oozing with character and charm.

Living downtown will allow you to walk to entertainment venues like the Pikes Peak Center, museums, bars, restaurants and retail. Grocery options are limited to seasonal farmers markets for now, but the Colorado Springs Public Market has formed a nonprofit and aims to get a great year-round local grocery option established in the heart of downtown.


Walkable Neighborhoods Colorado Springs: Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City is adorable. There are shops, restaurants and bars galore. The best part is that the commercial community is surrounded with a great mix of residential development.

You’ll find charming turn-of-the-century homes in this area along with a few more modern additions. Houses come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. There’s a great sense of community and a couple grocery stores not too far from most Old Colorado City neighborhoods.

Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks Open Spaces are also within easy biking distance.

This is a great place to look for a new Colorado Springs home if walkability is important to you.


Walkable Neighborhoods Colorado Springs: Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is an incredibly walkable community. Walkscore only gives the little town an 80. That could be because there is no been a grocery store in Manitou.

It’s also possible that the same windy roads and steep hills that give the town a special charm make huffing and puffing for errands seem a bit daunting to some.

If you’re up for the hike and thrive in busy, active and colorful communities, Manitou could be for you.

There are some amazing homes here. Several turn-of-the-century houses pepper the hills painted in bright colors and looking out over the town from big decks and turret windows.

Mid-century modern homes have a little extra wow factor when paired with Manitou views and walkability and even newer homes boast some impressive green features you might not find easily in other neighborhoods.


Other walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs and downtown Colorado Springs are the most obvious neighborhoods to discuss when you talk about walkabaility, but they’re certainly not the only walkable areas.

Here are a few of the others:

• Gold Hill Mesa

This new Westside community is on the verge of announcing it’s commercial development. With green streets, sidewalks and a community center, it’s already a walkable residential development, but the plan to add commercial amenities will make it a big winner within the next five years.

• The Old North End

near Penrose St. Francis Hospital has a walk score of 78.

• University Village

has seen some great development that makes it easy for people who live in the nearby neighborhoods, including Cragmore, to walk to restaurants and retail. I don’t believe Walkscore has updated its information since that commercial center was developed.

• Centennial and Garden of the Gods

While the area has a suburban feel back in the neighborhoods with big modern homes and yards, it’s a surprisingly walkable area surrounded by restaurants, breweries and a grocery store. The score is 58.

• First and Main on Powers

is another surprising gem. It feels suburban and there are a lot of big parking lots in this area. But with a walk score of 60, it’s actually not too hard to get from the newer and often affordable suburban homes in this area to the restaurants, bars, retailers and entertainment venues that fill the commercial centers along Powers Boulevard.

• Academy Boulevard

will surprise most people. But commercial development along most of the main north-south artery through town has residential development right behind it, making it easy for people who live near Academy to walk for errands.


Want to live in a walkable neighborhood in Colorado Springs?

If being able to walk to breakfast or yoga or your office is a priority in your Colorado Springs house hunt, let me help you. I’m passionate about walkability and I know the neighborhoods that will afford you the luxury of walking where you would usually have to drive in this city.

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