Winter is a fine time to buy or sellI’m a Realtor. Of course I’m going to say any time is a good time to buy or sell.

But I really think this winter has some positive market trends for both buyers and sellers so far – in both residential and commercial real estate.

There isn’t a ton out there

There aren’t a lot of listings that fit the bill whether you’re looking for a cute little house under $150,000 or you want a space for a marijuana grow.

That means this is the ideal time to put your property on the market.

People are still looking

Businesses don’t quit doing business in the winter. They’re still looking for their new addresses. There’s no good reason to wait to put a commercial property on the market – other than maybe your own business taxes.

And homebuyers who need a place when their leases run out or ahead of tax season or before their lives get chaotic with wedding planning need to find something now. It doesn’t matter that it’s winter.

If you put your property out there now, chances are someone will be grateful you did.

While sales prices tend to be lower in the winter than they are in the spring and summer, you’ll find that you can demand a good price when you’re competing with properties that have languished on the market through the seasons.

There are options for buyers

Even though it’s frosty outside and few properties are going on the market, there are enough new listings to keep things fresh as you search. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of new listings coming on the market in the residential realm.

Of course, they’re a bit slower rolling in commercial.


Interest rates remain pretty low and we all suspect they will start climbing in the new year. If you’re a buyer, that means you might never again be able to afford as much as you can right now.

If you’re selling, you have more buyers at that higher price now than you will a few months from now.

Call me if you’re thinking about buying or selling. I like helping out.